Food History Talks


Divas and Dinner:  A Culinary Look at Opera

A SERIES focusing on the culinary history of beloved operas

Tosca’s Torta and Mimi’s Mousse:  A Culinary Look at Puccini’s   La Boheme and Tosca

Dining with the Courtesans:  The World of Food in Verdi’s La Traviata

From Don Giovanni to Don Jose:  An Operatic Look at Spanish Food

The Gastronomic Rossini

The Drama of Spice:  Venetian Food at the time of Verdi’s Otello

At the Queen’s Table:  Dining with Donizetti’s Tudor Queens

Grand Opera to Grand Cuisine:   A Culinary Journey through 18th and 19th century Paris  (Spring 2019)


History of British Food Series

Individual talks on significant periods in British culinary history

Dining with the Queen:  The Tudors and Elizabethans

Dining with Mr. Darcy: A Look at Georgian and Regency Food

From Dickens to Downton: A Look at Victorian and Edwardian Food

At Victoria’s Table:  A Look at Queen Victoria and Food (Spring 2019)


At the Tredwell’s Table

Combined Talks and tastings for the Merchant’s House Museum

Dining Upstairs and Downstairs:  Home Cooking in Antebellum New York

The History of Curry

At Bridget Murphy’s Table:  A Culinary History of Irish Food


Gilded Tables

The Art of Dining in Edith Wharton’s New York